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What makes Teuten Risk Consulting a better and more valuable choice than any number of Risk Consultants operating today?

Four things:

1. Practical and diverse experience

a. 33 years of actually working with, for, and alongside major global businesses in a range of industries that transcend many disciplines but have one thing in common – Risk

b. Peter Teuten is the inventor and architect of one of the world market leading technologies – Keane SCORE – that delivers innovation in the technological implementation of advanced processes for Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit management. He has also established and successfully managed Insurance Agency and businesses both in the UK and US. The personal knowledge base gathered over this time is matched only by a drive to deliver results for the businesses we serve.

2. Content and Choice

a. We have an accumulated wealth of information, template data, learning tools and instructions material that address a myriad of Risk and Compliance based scenarios.

b. No one size ever fits all, and because we have worked in so many diverse environments our customers are not limited by category in the information we can and do supply as a part of our solutions. And if ever by chance we don’t have it, we know exactly where to get it!

3. Objectivity and practice

a. We answer to a business’s needs, which transcends internal politics and the inevitable CYA encountered in Risk Management. Risks uncovered remain uncovered and are addressed. No sugar coating.

b. To be a trusted Consultant and Advisor is not a skill that is learned overnight. Communication and Resourceful assistance to all stakeholders in an enterprise is a key issue in any successful initiative and we pride ourselves on building and maintaining these relationships, because without them we cannot do our job effectively or execute on our mission

4. Drive and Results

a. We are on call 24/7. Risk never sleeps. Our engagements are typically retainer based because your needs may only manifest themselves at times and under circumstances that do not map to a 9-5 mentality. Neither do we.

b. Our goal is singular - To deliver results for the businesses we serve. Our product is NOT more spreadsheets and power points – chances are you have quite enough of these already. Our deliverables are transferred knowledge, tools with which to implement the knowledge, and a clearly demonstrable Best Practices infrastructure.

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