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Peter Teuten is President of Teuten Risk Consulting, an Independent Risk Consulting and Advisory practice based in Baltimore, MD. He has accumulated over 33 years of direct and active experience in Insurance, Risk Management and Compliance throughout the US and European markets.

From 1995 to 2010, Peter was President and Chief Technology Officer of The Keane Organization's Business Risk Management Solutions (BRMS) and the Inventor and Chief Architect of the proprietary Keane SCORE Risk and Compliance Platform. He joined Keane BRMS after founding and serving as president of SAFE Risk Management Systems, LLC. In 2002.

Since the late 1970s, Peter has been actively engaged in the Insurance and Risk Management Industries in the Lloyd's of London and U.S. insurance markets. Day-to-day, Peter maintains active interests in a number of risk related fields and since the late 1990’s has concentrated his efforts and expertise on developing processes, methodologies and technology to address evolving demands in the GRC, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance fields.

Sample Press Contributions, Media and Speaking Engagements:

• August 2010 - Global Compliance Panel - Defining, Architecting and Managing Risk Assessments

• June 2010 - Enterprise Risk Management in Higher Education conference Philadelphia, PA - "Leveraging Technology to drive best practices in ERM"

• CNBC February 2009, ‘Northern Trust Under Fire’ http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1044617915&play=1

• CNBC May 2009, ‘Executive Pay Packages’ - http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232&&&play=1&video=1086214326

• Author of Corporate Blog http://blog.keaneco.com

• Author of Corporate Blog http://blog.teutenriskconsulting.com

• Nov 2008 – Risk and Insurance, Data Breaches

• Oct 2008 – Computer World, Wall street and regulation

• July 2008 – SSA Conference, Williamsburg, VA – “Data Breach!”

• July 2007, Regulation, It’s The Principle of the Thing, Risk Management Magazine

• June 2007, The Cost of Compliance, Financial World

• May 10, 2007, Due Diligence Makes the Leap: Silos to ERM, Risk & Insurance Magazine

• May 2007, Risky Business, Insurance & Technology

• April 10, 2007, When Change is Good: Turning Risk into Reward, DM Magazine

• March 6, 2007, The Challenges of Integrating Dynamic Risk, Compliance and Capital Allocation Processes in the Context of ARROW II An interactive panel discussion sponsored jointly by Keane BRMS, Microsoft and SunGard.

• June 2006, Leveraging Technology to efficiently drive Risk and Compliance Management, PRIMA Conference Speech

• April 2006, Risk Managers and the Bottom Line: Why your company needs you now more than ever, RIMS Conference speech

• October 2005, The Top Ten Mistakes in Risk Management, Risk & Insurance Magazine

• Fall 2005, Enterprise Risk Management: Its Evolution And Where It Stands Today, The John Liner Report


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